Who We Are


Jesse and I fell in love over photography. It was what drew us together. We would go on “photo dates” and just take 100’s of pictures. We still have all those photos somewhere in shoeboxes.

In 2006 we shot our first wedding together and never looked back. We were hooked. It has been great growing in this business together, and we are truly blessed to live in an amazing community of wedding industry peeps. There isn’t anywhere else in the world I would rather be doing this, and no one else I would rather do it with. Jesse is the perfect kick to my side :)

The name Plum Jam comes from our kids, Penelope Lynn Moore (PLM) and Jude Ashby Moore (JAM). They are our biggest inspiration: youthful, innocent, happiness. Jude and Penny are the reason for our existence and they are what keep us going day to day. Life would surely be easier if it was just Jesse and I, but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

-Shannon Moore

(you can view Shannon’s family, kids, and maternity photography at shannonmoorephotography.com)

Here is a video of our family, made with love by folkstories.org 

The Moore Family from Nichole Potter on Vimeo.


photos by Beth Armsheimer

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  1. I just love you guys! cannot wait to hire you fro my wedding someday..xoxox..<3